​​"Well done Monique!  Bravo!!!!! Bravo!!!!

Every aspect, thoughtful and first class professional!  Thank you for all you contributed to making yesterday a complete success that will have a long-standing memory for all who attended!  

Wonderful!  You’re the best!  Flawless! Excellent!

With gratitude for the opportunity to serve, Darylle"  

Planning, Execution and Facilitation of Off-Site Inspiration Retreat

Audience:  10 people from an Insurance Brokerage Agency

Quotes from Attendees:  Darylle, Debbie and Steve

Creation & Delivery of a Training Class for Brokers & Staff and Development of Webinar Script  
Audience:  Insurance General Agency & Their Clients

“Monique made it possible for us to get additional exposure during a busy time when we weren’t able to do it for ourselves.  We’ve worked with her previously and knew how professional she was and the quality of work she would do.  We were not disappointed in the ideas and solutions she brought to the table and what she was able to do for us

We absolutely plan to use her and Aktivere Consulting again.”

Monique M. Brenno

Business Consultant


Colorado, U.S.A.


Thank-you for the opportunity to contribute to the day!  And also thank-you for making the retreat such a wonderful event.
Throughout my career I have attended many events, and also hosted many events.  But I can tell you that none of them compared to the thoughtfulness that you put into every step of the “experience”.  I think you created an opportunity for the Agency employees and partners to get a taste of what the Agency Brand Pillar of “Customer Care” feels like. 

The best way to teach and reinforce the message is to “walk the talk”.  So big round of applause to YOU…the QB of the event!  Debbie"

Thanks for the wonderful day! 

You did an awesome job putting all of that together!  I just sent an email to someone describing how it was like a conference to 200 people! 

Well thought, creative!  ...boy, I really needed to be around you all today!  

So, thank you!  Steve"

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Presentation to Large Audiences

Audience:  MDAHU Membership Meeting

Jacquie Healy, President-Elect, Colorado Association of Health Underwriters 

Trilogy Benefits, CEO/President

“I have known Monique Roth for several years.  She has always been very professional in anything she pursues.

We asked her to present to our association, Metro Denver Association of Health Underwriters to give some valued guidance to our producer community for them to better understand what additional benefits they may need to grow their insurance agencies.