Cheryl Siefert, Executive Director, Parkinson Association of the Rockies

Board of Directors and Staff Planning Session, February 2017

“We engaged Monique on a short turn around for working with our board on an annual strategic plan.  Amazingly she pulled off a great session.  Well organized, engaging and on point.  While she had limited time to prepare she did an excellent job of researching our organization. 

Monique helped our board hone on key words to help fine tune a new mission statement.  Additionally she focused the board on the focus audience for the mission statement.  Using a small group brainstorming approach she was able to engage all of our board members and elicit new ideas for the mission as well as for generating funds for the organization.

Late evening work is tough.  Monique did a wonderful job of engaging everyone in the room through a mix of small group brainstorming and total group reporting.  Additionally she interjected questions about board members – something no one may know.  This really lightened a long day for the board and has ended up generating greater camaraderie among the board members.   

Many thanks for a job well done.“

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Dr. Greg Arfsten, Partner
Academy Park Pediatrics

“Our medical practice un-expectantly lost our senior partner. 

Through the SWOT exercises, we were able to share our vision for our Practice.  Each individual brought unique idea’s about the direction we should go at this time of transition.  It was reassuring that we agreed on many major issues. 

Monique was a skilled facilitator.  She kept us on track.  In a short amount of time, we were able to identify what we do well and areas we need to improve.

Our Practice has been successful for many years.  In the ever-changing health care environment it is critical that we look ahead, plan and adapt to assure our continued success.

Efforts that we made with Monique’s directions will certainly be valuable to our Practice, and to each of us individually.”

Facilitation of Strategic Planning Sessions 
Non-Profit Organizations

Dr. Dawn Kallio, Partner

Academy Park Pediatrics

“Monique offered her expertise to our business after we suddenly lost one of our senior partners.  We had never used a business such as Aktivere in the past and quite frankly did not know what to expect. 

Monique’s expertly lead SWOT Analysis has helped us better understand what our practice’s strengths and weaknesses are. 

We feel confident in our ability to look back at our professionally lead brainstorming session and written report to help continue to improve our strengths and minimize our weaknesses.

This was a refreshing venue to discuss our business in a way we don’t typically allot the time for in our routine meetings.

We plan to implement several of her ideas to help build Office morale and make our Practice thrive.”

SWOT Analysis, Mission and Vision Statements

"Monique's role at Colorado Visiting Nurse Association was as the Director of Business Development & Marketing.  VNA had not completed a true strategic plan in over 8 years.  Monique was able to lead the Management team through a formal planning process that included a SWOT analysis, along with setting strategic objectives and benchmark goals.  She was also instrumental in facilitating the discussion of the organization’s Vision and Mission statements, leading to further positive strategic direction adjustments.  

The overall result was that VNA purchased a new EMR that enabled it to more efficiently manage its business and allowed the company to grow over several years.  Monique developed VNA's continuum of care branding, which while complicated, she was able to articulate it via the branding so that our business partners understood it.  Monique was a professional in all aspects and a joy to work with.  She was prompt, met her commitments, and was able to work with all levels of people. She has a tremendous amount of energy and she produced results for the organization." 
Donna W., Former CFO, VNA

Pete Sheehan, Former CEO MyLifeLine        

Board of Directors & Staff Retreat, September 2016

“MyLifeLine engaged Monique Roth and Aktivere Consulting to facilitate our 2016 board retreat.   During our initial meeting with Monique it became clear that she added value beyond facilitation.  She helped MyLifeLine adjust our agenda to maximize the impact of the day as well as organize our action plan leading up to the retreat.  

In preparation for the retreat Monique created tools and revised several documents making them stronger, which allowed our staff to focus on the strategic portions of the agenda.  Monique managed all aspects of the retreat and pulled heavily from her presentation, public speaking, organization, and personality management skills.  In addition, she kept the meeting flowing smoothly and on time.

Monique’s unique facilitation and meeting management skills saved our staff time and money.  She organized our approach to MyLifeLine’s board Retreat and contributed heavily to our meeting preparation.  Monique’s facilitation skills kept our board focused on our key objectives for the day, allowing us to achieve all of the day’s goals.  In summary, Monique guided and contributed heavily to our meeting preparation, facilitated the meeting itself, kept us on time, and followed up with meeting notes and action items. 

During the retreat I received comments from several board members praising Monique as an incredible value-add to the day and we should engage her for future meetings.  My experience with Monique and Aktivere Consulting echoes those comments.  In addition to her business acumen, organization, and facilitation skills, Monique is a true pleasure to work with.  She approaches projects with a positive attitude and a smile.

I highly recommend Monique to organizations’ seeking assistance with business meetings and project management.”

Monique M. Brenno

Business Consultant

Colorado, U.S.A.